The Most Reliable & Professional Company for Landscape & Lawncare Services.
At Green Star the customer and the quality of work are our highest priority.  We have over 16 years of experience in the landscape and lawn care industry.  Our main focus is on turf care and management, however we do offer edging, mulching, pruning and spring / fall clean up.
Green Stars turf program is different than most other companies.  You will have a dedicated technician that comes to your yard every time.  Our technicians are highly trained and if there is a question or problem the owner of the company will stop out personally to evaluate the turf and help make the right decision.  Our goal is to use fertilizer in conjunction with environmental controls to make your lawn the best on the block. Need a fertilizer and weed control company? Please Call or Text (740) 815 – 8664

Why People Choose Us

Trust that we have every interest in making your lawn beautiful, safe and healthy for your family and four legged friends! Call or text with your address for a free estimate (740) 815 – 8664.  During business hours response times are super fast!!

Modern Equipment

We constantly renew and upgrade our equipment to make sure you are receiving the highest quality lawn care anyone can offer.  We constantly monitor the calibration of the equipment as well to ensure the proper materials are being applied.

Expert People

Our technicians and mowing professionals go through rigorous training before they are allowed to enter the field, and receive advice all year on how to do better.  We always welcome customer input, to make sure we are meeting your unique needs.

Delaware, OH 43015
 (740) 815 – 8664